Embedded Project on Password-Based Circuit Breaker


The project is intended to a control a circuit breaker with help of a password only. A keypad is associated with the task to enter the watchword. Fatal electrical accidents to the lineman are expanding amid the electric line repair because of the absence of communication and co-appointment between the support staff and the electric substation staff.

This proposed framework gives an answer, which can guarantee the maintanence of the staff e.g. line man. The control to kill ON/the line lies with the line man as it were. This framework has a plan with the end goal that a secret key is required to work the electrical switch (ON/OFF). Line man can kill the supply and easily repair it, and come back to the substation, at that point turn on hold by entering the right password.

The framework is completely controlled by a microcontroller from 8051 family. A framework keypad is interfaced to the microcontroller to enter the password. The entered password is contrasted and the watchword put away in the ROM of the microcontroller. On the off chance that the password entered is right, at that point just the line can be turned ON/OFF. Enactment/deactivation of the electrical switch is demonstrated by a light (ON/OFF).

Assist the project can be improved by utilizing an EEPROM for client to change the password for a more secured framework. It can likewise be interfaced with a GSM modem for remotely controlling the electronic electrical switch by means of SMS.

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