ASP Project On  Invoice Billing


The customer utilizes MS Excel and keeps up their item list, client rundown, and prints the receipt. Anyway, it isn’t conceivable them to share the information from various frameworks in a multi-client condition, there is a ton of copy work, and the shot of misstep. At the point when the item cost is balanced, they have to refresh each exceeds expectations record. There is no choice to discover and print the past spared receipt. There is no security; anyone can get any report and delicate information, additionally no reports to discover the business volume, stock rundown, and outline report. This E-Billing and invoicing framework are utilized to defeat the whole issue which they are confronting as of now and making complete customization of manual charging and invoicing framework.


Receipt charging framework venture is one of the essential programming application for some correspondence and online enterprises. This is valuable for organizations to give powerful and exact charging framework for clients and to break down the income of the association. Data of each client billings will be refreshed to call detail record on the regular routine. This framework incorporates charging of everything about day by day, month to month and utilization premise and store the records into the database and totaling these records intermittently to figure receipt and sending solicitations to the clients on the month to month premise and gather installments from each client and refresh subtle elements into the database. This application is actualized in C#.Net dialect and SQL as database. This framework comprises five modules where every module has its own particular usefulness.

1) Order Creation

2) List Of Items

3) Connection (Add/Update/View)

4) Purchase Details

5) Report Generation


From an end-client viewpoint, the E-Billing and Invoicing Project comprises of two useful components: an improved accessible database for client, items, charging age framework and a reportage framework.


An improved atomized framework is created to look after Customer, Product, arrange, arrange subtle elements information and deliver Bill and receipt with following highlights.

The framework administrator will have the capacity to Add, Edit and hunt the item. Additionally, the administrator can erase the item; refresh the cost of the item according to the rights are given to the administrator by the manager.

By utilizing their record, deals staff will have the capacity to put arranges through the framework. Additionally, deals staff will have the capacity to apply rebates as per the present deals arrangement.

Enhanced inquiry abilities of item data will be accessible; It will show every one of the points of interest of the specific item with a current stock amount.

Costs and request data will be expressible in worldwide cash and date/time designs.

Subsequent to submitting the request framework naturally print the receipt with pre-printed stationary with every one of the points of interest.

Looking off the beforehand created receipt is likewise accessible; Operator can look through the officially spared receipt by framework produced one of a kind receipt no.

Bringing in the old stock into the framework, it presents the old stock from predefined MS Excel record.

Keep up the client ace and security highlights.


A Report Generation framework will be produced for the client and administration of charging and Invoicing System. This MIS framework will have the two points of interest, and synopsis write reports for examination the business volume, deals slant, accessible stock, The Windows-based MIS application will incorporate the accompanying highlights:

Charging rundown report, it has the choice criteria for the date go.

Stock Details and stock outline reports, It demonstrates everything about the stock and can be utilized to screen the business design.

All reports can be sent out in various arrangement incorporates Text File, CSV File, MS Excel, MS Word File.

All report can be printed from any printer.

Bill and receipt can be imprinted on pre-printed stationery.


Processor: Pentium-IV 2.6GHz

Hard Memory: 40GB



Front End: ASP.Net

Back End: Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Working System: Windows XP

Language: C#

Framework : Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

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