ASP Project On Bar-code Generator For TN PDS


The BARCODE GENERATOR is utilizing PDS CARD a Web-based application. The Basic reason for this task is to produce standardized identification Library utilizing the .net application. It underpins a number of standardized identification arrangements and this application can be utilized and improved for reasons unknown you like. These standardized identifications contain encoded confirmed data, which gives an interesting character to any item and give security marks. standardized tag utilizing to pads card client data and buy the thing for common providers.

Existing System:

The current framework is manual and the manual framework works in an accompanying way:


• An early capacity medium made of thin cardboard stock that holds information as examples of punched gaps.

• Each of the 80 segments holds one character.

• The openings are punched by a keypunch machine or card punch fringe and are sustained into the PC by a card per user.

• From 1890 until the point that the 1970s, they were synonymous with information preparing.

• Concepts were straightforward: the database was the file organizer; a record was a card.

Handling was performed on isolated machines called sorters, collators, reproducers, number crunchers and bookkeeping machines.

Proposed Systems:

To conquer every one of the challenges of the current framework the administration has proposed computerized the entire framework and the improvement of the new mechanized framework contains the accompanying exercises

Points of interest:

• There is no need of punched openings.

• Here there is no need of keypunch machines.

• There is no need of preparing the information in different machines like sorters, collators.

• This is a financially savvy process.

• There is no time utilization.

• There is no loss of information implies it will give the security.

Module Description


2. Created standardized tag

3. Client

4. deal item

5. Report


The executive is in charge of the Connection procedure and he keeps up all the data about the PDS framework that are putting forth the standardized tag process for various members. He is likewise in charge of the enrollment of various clients that will take the standardized identification process. The manager will just offer the standardized tag process and deal item and keep up client points of interest keep up the bill subtle elements and everything for the clients and in addition the Pds framework .

Produced standardized tag:

This module administrator can produce standardized tag for PDS Card utilizing distinctive arrangement and client points of interest keep up for database. new standardized identification created for each client individual data and card data put away to database.


In the User Module another client or a client who is as of now enrolled with the PDS might go for login and these people will keep their Transaction subtle elements and scanner tag points of interest by taking the PDS.

Deal item:

This deal item module can offer item for administrator each client month to month deal and as of now include item points of interest for database . deal items subtle elements and produced report for client and administrator see points of interest.


Report module show for administrator can see client points of interest and deal item subtle elements. client see buy item subtle elements, administrator can see client points of interest

barcode generator for PDS Report

Download Code-barcodePDS

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