SP008 – Experimental Study on Behavior of Interior RC Beam Column Joints Subjected to Cyclic Loading


Bar section joint is an essential segment of a strengthened solid minute standing up to outline and ought to be planned and itemized appropriately, particularly when the edge is oppressed to tremor stacking. Disappointment of pillar section joints amid tremor is administered by bond also, shear disappointment system which are fragile in nature. In this way, a present universal code gives high significance to give sufficient safe haven to longitudinal bars and imprisonment of center cement in opposing shear. Present day codes accommodate decrease of seismic powers through arrangement of uncommon pliability prerequisites. Points of interest for accomplishing  flexibility in strengthened solid structures are given in IS 13920.

A two cove five story fortification bond solid minute opposing edge for a general building has been examinations and structured in STAAD Pro according to IS 1893­2002 code methods and point by point in its present condition 13920­1993 suggestions. A bar segment joint has been demonstrated to a size of 1/5  th from the model and the model has been exposed to cyclic stacking to discover its conduct amid seismic tremor. Non straight examination is completed in ANSYS programming. Catchphrases: Beam Column Joint, Earthquake safe Structures.

BASE PAPER: Experimental Study on Behavior of Interior RC Beam Column Joints Subjected to Cyclic Loading

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