Based on MEMS sensors man-machine interface for mechatronic objects control


Developed HMI is a framework comprising of an arrangement of sensors, put in a unique suit or thing of garments. Wearing an extraordinary suit human administrator can control mechatronic question out yonder. Mechatronic protest (for instance a human robot) impersonates the movement of the human administrator by playing out the mechanical activities on expulsion. In this way, to do it movement sensors are introduced in the body zones which are appropriate to duplicate the human developments. At that point the data from sensors is handled and heading off to a unique unit which transmits control flags remotely to the control protest. Human-machine interface is spoken to as an equipment and programming suite. The equipment suite are INS (inertial modules connected to different body parts), the correspondence channel between the modules, handling channel and remote information transmission modules on a work station. INS contain three-hub MEMS spinner, accelerometer and magnetometer.

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