Weather Report Monitoring


The existing system consists of utilizing cognitive radio predicting the area awareness service of a region but none of the current work describes about utilizing cognitive radio strategy to foresee the area aware service in the terrestrial region. This work describes the utilization of cognitive radio method in the terrestrial region for predicting and analyzing the area awareness services of that terrestrial region.

The area awareness services, for example, wind, rain, humidity, the temperature of a specific terrestrial region are anticipated by utilizing Global Positioning System (GPS) and the and given to the client.

Presently the cognitive technique is utilized to give the area aware service even for the secondary clients that are the unlicensed clients. At first, a terrestrial region consists of essential clients and auxiliary clients. The essential clients are those clients who have registered properly to that network. The secondary clients are those clients who are not registered to that specific system but rather than registered clients of another adjacent system.

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