This task is gone for building up an online leave administration framework that is of significance to either an association. The Leave Management System (LMS) is an Intranet based application that can be gotten to all through the association or a predetermined gathering/Dept. This framework can be utilized to computerize the work process of leave applications and their endorsements. The occasional crediting of leave is likewise robotized. There are highlights like email warnings, programmed endorsement of leave, report generators and so forth in this framework. Leave Management application will lessen paperwork and keeps up the record in a more proficient way.


In the existing framework, each school takes after the manual system in which workforce ought to enter in time and out time in a record book. Toward the finish of every month, Head of the office will figure leaves of each employee which is a period taking procedure and there are risks of losing records.


In proposed framework odds of losing information isn’t conceivable in light of the fact that information is kept up as a database. Consistently participation, leaves and notification data is refreshed into database utilizing an easy to understand GUI. This will lessen work for Head of divisions. This application is an online application which makes more adaptable to get to data.

Number of Modules

After watchful examination the framework has been recognized to have the accompanying modules:

1. Admin Module

2. Employee Module

3. Hod Module

4. Principal Module

1.Admin Module

The administrator will keep up all the worker points of interest, representative leave record subtle elements, Hod leaves record subtle elements in the database.

2. EmployeeModule

In this module, staff will enlist their day by day participation data like approaching time and active time and other data like leave endorsements and new warnings. Individuals should sign in to their record and refresh data. On the off chance that there are any notices identified with the earlier day it is shown as fly up. Individuals should react to that warning by sending replay to higher experts.


In this module Head of the office will have authorizations to take care of information of each employee of their area of expertise. HOD can see information as reports and get it as print out. Reports can be shown in view of the day, month. HOD can support leave this application and he can see leaves data of each person.

In this module, HOD can without much of a stretch oversee classes plan for that day.

4.Principal Module

Among the whole modules, rule module is given more authorization. He can see data of each office personnel data and make a move in view of the reports. The guideline can see data like employee’s leaves, participation, and notices including Head of offices. He can print gives an account of day by day or month to month premise. In this module Leave, endorsement and renunciation are incorporated.

H/W System Configuration

Processor – Pentium – III

Speed – 1.1 GHz

Smash – 256 MB(min)

Hard Disk – 20 GB

Floppy Drive – 1.44 MB

Console – Standard Windows Keyboard

Mouse – Two or Three Button Mouse

Screen – SVGA

S/W System Configuration

 Operating System: Windows 95/98/2000/NT4.0.

 Application Server: Wamp2.2e

 Front End : HTML, PHP.

 Scripts: JavaScript.

 Server-side Script: PHP.

 Database: Mysql.

 Database Connectivity : PhpMyAdmin.

Download: Leave_management

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