Android Projects on Mobile location alarm

Android Projects on Mobile location alarm


In the current framework, alerts are set for the specific time. Commonly there are circumstances where the alert/update depends on your present area and not found on time. The Mobile application introduced on the versatile can give a caution in view of a specific area. Also, the application would help the client to discover how far the client is far from specific update area in the guide.


Have you at any point had a circumstance where you went to one place and you have some assignment to do next time you visit the place?

While going by transport/prepare, Have you missed your station since you were resting and thought about whether you had put caution in light of area?

The application “Versatile Location Alarm” takes care of every one of these issues. It offers underneath administrations

 Retrieves the client’s present geographical directions.

 Allow client to enter new caution for a specific area

 Along with caution, client can alternatively put the update message too

 Once the client is close to the area, the alert will ring and furthermore if there is any updated content it will be shown to the client.

 User can alter/erase/refresh/empower/cripple the alerts.

 The user can see the areas on Map to discover how far he is from the normal area.


Advancements utilized as a part of this undertaking are,

 Android

 GPS (for getting client’s present area)

 GPRS (for Maps) or 3G


The portable application has modules

 Set Alarm: This module is mindful to get contributions from the client about the alert – name of the area, the expiry date of caution, update depiction assuming any. This module is mindful of changing the area name into real geo coordinates and set the alert for that area.

 Alarm Generator: This module is capable to ring the caution if the client is close to the area for which alert is set.

 Alarm Viewer: This module is capable to show the officially set alerts. Enables the client to alter/erase/refresh alerts.

 Map: This module is mindful to show delineate the present area of client and the normal area appear on the google outline.

 Settings: This module enables a client to set a few settings for the applications.

Hardware Requirements

Versatile which has underneath highlights



 Android 1.5 or higher

Software Requirements

 Android Google API 1.5 or higher

 Android Development Tool module

 Eclipse 3.4 or higher

 Sun JDK 5 or higher.

Download Project: Mobile location alarm

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