Android Projects on Micro Credit Banking On Smartphone

Android Projects on Micro Credit Banking On Smartphone


To give a managing an account application on Smartphone for the versatile representatives of microcredit keep money with the office to have information synchronized between the Smartphone and the bank’s database.

Useful Requirements

• It ought to be conceivable to open records for a client (who has not defaulted before and who has a proposal from the group)/close records.

• It ought to be conceivable to enter the advance given to a client and the time of the credit.

• It ought to have the capacity to compute intrigue.

• It ought to have the capacity to enter reimbursement made by the client (in portions or in full).

• It should give warning when a credit has not been returned inside the advance time frame. The credit value of the client ought to be refreshed as ‘defaulter’.

• It should give reports of the advances given with points of interest of the client name, credit sum, remarkable sum, advance installment date and advance reimbursement date.

• Employees ought to have the capacity to sign in with username and secret key.

• The worker will have the capacity to download points of interest of just his/her clients.

• There ought to be a desktop application where all the above operations should be possible.

• The desktop application will have different offices like entering the loan fee.

• It ought to be conceivable to sync between the desktop database and the Smartphone’s database in the two bearings.

Non-utilitarian necessities

• Better segment configuration to improve execution at the top time.

• Flexible administration based engineering will be very attractive for future expansion.

• 24 X 7 accessibility.

• Only the points of interest of specific client ought to be gotten to

Discretionary highlights

• Make an arrangement of the administrator to refresh the database after every exchange of client.

• Measures that need prompt activity

UI needs

• Professional look and feel

• Use of AJAX in any event with all enlistment frames

• Browser testing and support for GPRS.


• Banking report.

• Report on money and back.

• A database containing all client exchanges.

• Creation of keeping money manuals.

Other essential issues

• Network network.

• Enabling administrations at all purpose of time according to the client.


• Android SDK 1.6

• Grails

• Ajax

• Web


• ADT 0.9.5

• JDK 6

• Eclipse

• Java

• Android security


• GPRS SIM-based security

Download Project: Micro Credit Banking On Smartphone

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