Photovoltaic AC Module Based on a Cuk Converter with a Switched-Inductor Structure


The advancement of a photovoltaic AC module made out of a high static gain non segregated DC-DC converter with current source output trademark taken after by an unfolding low frequency inverter is exhibited in this project. The activity of the DC-DC converter with high static gain and with diminished switch voltage is gotten utilizing the Cuk converter coordinated with the exchanged inductor strategy. The non secluded structure permits the end of the volume and misfortunes of the influence transformer and leakage inductance and a yield channel arrangement is proposed lessening the high recurrence ground leakage current.

The system tie inverter working in discontinous conduction mode (DCM) permits to acquire a sinusoidal output current with low consonant mutilation (THD=3.72%) without current control circle and without the utilization of current sensor at the output. The maximum power point tracking (MPPT) activity is gotten without the utilization of current sensor. The DCM task expands the present pressure yet the proposed converter introduce two switches and two info inductor sharing the information current in these segments. The hypothetical investigation, plan strategy and exploratory results are exhibited for a model with a DC input voltage Vi=30 V, an AC yield voltage Vo=127 V and yield control Po=180 W.

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