AN050 – Android Boat Crossing Game App


This is a simple 2D boat racing game utilizing tap signal to gain speed. This System is coded in Java utilizing Android Studio and utilizing SQL server as its back end. The client can check his scores in 3 different ways; his ongoing scores i.e. the recent score, most noteworthy score and total scores; this score will incorporate the scores of the considerable number of players in the list in the descending score while featuring the clients score. The client can likewise check all’s identity as of now on the web and accessible to play. The working of this game is simple yet profoundly proficient as far as controlling and scoring designs, the tapping motion influences the pontoon to pick up its speed, more taps more speed, slower taps lesser speed and no taps will progressively take a default speed and at a specific limit when achieved the end goal approaches and the total taps and the speed counts the total score.

DOWNLOAD: Android Boat Crossing Game App

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