AN048 – Android Expiry Reminder App Using OCR


There are many Reminder systems available online for nothing yet what influences this extraordinary, we to center around updates in view of an item or report which will be lapsed in due time while incorporating new advancements that make it unique. Expiry System is fundamental to remind self of something which will be lapsed some time or another or the other. This system, for the most part, centers around 3 elements i.e. a report, food, and medicines, so every one of these things lapses day or the other so to keep you educated this system comes in picture. Well, discussing innovation choosing the dates or entering them physically takes a bit time and is exceptionally customary while this system gives you Optical character acknowledgment as an alternative to choose the dates utilizing Google’s portable vision API. The client needs to enroll in the system before including any updates; the updates are neighborhood notices and additionally email as an alternative.

The updates can be put off to another date when they are activated yet the new date ought to be inside the expiry outline, additionally when we discuss archive we can reestablish them so the system gives you a chance to enter the new expiry date for them. The update can be set to 60 minutes, multi day, a week or multi month before the expiry date.

DOWNLOAD: Android Expiry Reminder App Using OCR

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