EE016 – Decentralized Solid Waste Management System Involving Active Public and NGO Participation


In most Indian urban areas, the issue of strong waste administration is intense. Strong waste administration is a basic administration for the urban neighborhood bodies since numerous general medical problems are associated with it. The circumstance is especially awful in the unapproved settlements and ghettos in urban zones where metropolitan strong waste administration is for all intents and purposes missing.

 Deficient waste transfer may cause extreme natural and medical issues. These issues might be ascribed to the halfway  isolation of recyclable waste, nonattendance of waste accumulation at source, inaccessibility of appropriate framework to treat and arrange the gigantic measure of waste produced. With the end goal to address these difficulties, the present paper advocates decentralized strong waste administration to limit the issues of strong waste administration in urban territories.

The fundamental reason for the paper is to give a complete view of the decentralized way to deal with strong waste administration alongside the suitable advancements to take care of the issue of preparing and treatment of waste. The paper likewise abridges the real discoveries of the examination and recommends strategy important roads for future research.

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