AN036 – Android Campus Recruitment System


Final Year for any engineering students as well as their colleges is very crucial because it is the time when the companies come in. Also, for each student and company needs each other to work it out and consequently this system comes in picture. Campus Recruitment System as the name states it is simply utilized for helping the organizations to get the best candidate and directly come into contact with the student, similarly, a student becomes acquainted with about the jobs and the organizations specifically. The College here is the administrator and the student and the organization the two has 2 different applications where they need to register with their details and the administrator which is online system approves or disapproves or takes any action. The student while registering needs to enter his personnal and academic details which can be refreshed later too. He/She can check for their recent job applications or any new applications filtered by their classes and can likewise give a feedback to an administrator. While the organization can post new jobs, see the students or new applications.

DOWNLOAD: Android campus recruitment system

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