AN052 – Android Text Encryption Using Various Algorithms


Users can communicate over every social medium, yet messages are not secured when it goes through system. Intruder can get to client’s message effortlessly. We need to secure user communicate over every social medium. So here we proposed a system where client will enter the plain content and select the calculation compose from AES,DES,MD5,….. also, give the key, a sprightly content will be framed that can be sent by means of any communication application and end client can decode the content by choosing a similar calculation compose and should enter a similar sender mystery key. Client can utilize our application and can enter the plain content and should choose the calculation compose and should enter the mystery key to scramble the message and collector can decode the message by indicating a similar calculation utilized for encryption and must utilize a similar secret key utilized by sender. Gatecrasher will discover hard to decode the message. By utilizing this technique you can twofold guarantee that your mystery message is sent safely without outside obstruction of programmers or wafers. On the off chance that sender sends this picture out in the open others won’t realize what is it, and it will be gotten by recipient. You will require the key and calculation compose to decode the concealed content.

DOWNLOAD: Android Text Encryption Using Various Algorithms

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