CMB009 – Bamboo as a Reinforcing Material


Bamboo fortified solid development pursues same plan, blend extents and development procedures as utilized for steel strengthened. Simply steel fortification is supplanted with bamboo support. Properties of bamboo fortification, blend extent of solid, plan and development procedure with bamboo strengthened cement is talked about in this article.

Nature’s material, bamboo has been generally utilized for some reasons. Mostly as a quality bearing material. It is utilized for building covers from a prior time.

Bamboo has utilized for framework works, formwork supporting stands and numerous in building development works. These are restricted to medium-huge tasks.

Despite the fact that presence of bamboo has been found from hundreds of years, bamboo as support material is a development in the structural designing development field. This advancement depended on Clemson’s examination that has been directed in the Clemson Agricultural College.

Bamboo is a biodegradable and sustainable in nature. It is vitality effective all things considered of regular starting point and ecologically reasonable in nature. These properties have compelled to utilize this in the development field for quite a long time.

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