Wifi Library Book Locator Project


Well a library is a huge collection of books. This requires a proper arrangement and placement of books in an order that makes it simple for the client to locate a specific book. Be that as it may, in very large libraries having a huge collection, finding a specific book is quite task.

Despite the fact that all books are arranged in classifications, the area of classification should first be known to the client becomes more acquainted with where that specific class of books is placed. In such a condition there should be a need through client can definitely find the area of any book by simply typing its name.

Here we a propose a server-based system utilizing an android application to accomplish this project utilizing wifi technology. The library administrator simply needs to include the area of a book in the system, for example, “third row| Right side | History Section | Fourth Book” and a map of the book along with its status of weather it is at present available or issued to another person. This information is stored on the server.

Presently members are given an android application that serves the book finding purpose. At whatever point client inside wifi scope of server composes the book name through the android device, it sends a demand to server for the specific book area. The server therefore questions the database and returns the book area points of interest and accessibility to the android client. Subsequently, it permits to mechanize the library book finding and in addition accessibility checking usefulness in a library

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