Php project on Car Rental System


This Car Rental System project is designed to help the car rental organization to enable renting cars through an online system. It helps the clients to scan for available cars view profile and book the cars for the time period. It has an easy to understand interface which helps the client to check for cars and rent them for the period determined. They could likewise make payment on the online. The rental cars will be ordered into an economy, premium and so forth. Based on a type of car required by the client, the client will have able to make bookings. The utilization of internet technology has made it simple for the clients to rent a car at anytime. This Car Rental System makes the booking easy. It spares time and work. The apparatus will approach the client for data, for example, the date and time of journey, kind of car and so forth. Likewise, it will require a recognizable identification number. Utilizing these details, the tool will help the client with booking a car for the journey.


Car Rental System service will help clients with booking a car for some fee determined. Till now there was no clear web-based UI to help the clients with renting the vehicle. They needed to manually rent the vehicle through their offices. It was a difficult task to manage rental vehicles. Keeping track of all the rental cars was an issue.


This Car Rental System task will enable the client to rent a vehicle. The client will log in to the system and check for the availability of cars. The client indicates a kind of car and the journey date and time. The Car Rental System will check for the availability of the car and rent the car to the client. The client can make payment on the online. Every one of the information with respect to the rental cars are stored in MySQL database. The client needs to enter his name, address, phone details and check for the cars available for rent. The main advantage is that the client will have the ability to pick a car depending upon his budget.

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