AN072 – Android Civil Administration Reporting Project


The Civil Administration Reporting project is developed to interface the local public with the higher officials in the Civil Administration Office. The client must register a record and launch a complaint to the authority with the produced unique ID. The administrator can get to the system to include new authorities, edit or delete them. This project depends on Android operating system and peoples can utilize it in their cell phones and also in different gadgets as well, which are being worked by Civil Administration Reporting android system.


The client must require an Android mobile phone to register a complaint. The status of the complaint is updated just by the particular authority and the client should wait untill the authority changes the status of the complaint are the disadvantages of the existing Civil Administration Reporting system.

Additionally, till now the majority of the complaints are fill by means of emails and which require multiple email id’s as well, for the relevant authority of a specific department. This may take a lot of time and effort for finding the authority first, for a specific kind of complaint and after that finding an email Id of it.


Complaints can be easily registered by the client and can be tracked with a unique complaint ID. Both the administrator/authority is limited to update or delete the complaint. The authority can only update the progress status of the raised complaint. The client would then be able to see the progress of the complaint.

This Civil Administration Reporting system won’t only save the time of the complaint fillers yet, in addition, prompt track their compliant and its status in a regular interval of time. Once the reply of the complaint is given, the client gets the update on it phone and email address too.


The given are the modules for Android Civil Administration Reporting Project:

Administration Modules: This module has all the control over the entire system. This module will contains all the access and authority to visit even client profiles and account, likewise this module offer responses to every one of the complaints filled and also maintain the database for the clients also.

Client Modules: This module works for the clients who wish to fill some type of complaint is have any query for the administration peoples. Record is being made by the client in this module.

Authority Modules: This module contains all the different deans or heads from the civil administration department who can likewise visit questions and communication taken between the common people and the administration.

Database Modules: This module is being maintained by the organization itself, however, is a different module since it contains all the information and data get together to the time, for further evaluation and all the updation and deletion is being done in this module itself.

DOWNLOAD: Civil Administration Reporting

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