A Voltage Quadrupler Rectifier Based Pulse–Width–Modulated LLC Converter with Wide Output Range


LLC resonant converter is a soft switching frequency modulated dc/dc topology with its switching frequency close to the resonant frequency. In any case, in applications where a wide output voltage is wanted, it is amazingly hard to tune its activity near the resonant frequency. In this original copy, a novel pluse width adjusted (PWM) LLC compose resonant converter in view of voltage quadrupler rectifier is proposed. The proposed converter dependably works at the full frequency and can accomplish a wide output voltage extend by regulating the obligation cycle of the optional side assistant MOSFET.

This brings the advantages of the diminished circling present and relating conduction misfortune, and also the improvement of the parameters determination and attractive segment plan. Zero-voltage-switching (ZVS) and zero-current-switching (ZCS) are acknowledged among all power MOSFETs and all power diodes, individually. Detailed circuit activity standards and demonstrating technique are introduced. A 1.3 kW converter model, producing 250 V-420 V yield from 390 V dc connect is outlined. Both the circuit usefulness and the hypothetical examination are checked in the test results.

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