Android Law System Project


There is a rise in the amount of crime in our nation and the majority of the people are ignorant of the criminal laws under IPC (Indian Penal Code). In this way, it winds up important to make the citizens aware of an all kind of laws set forth by our constitution against crime with the goal that peoples approach to register body of evidence against it. This project is executed particularly for this reason.

The project online law system is a software system that contains every one of the laws of IPC with the goal that peoples can find and search for the laws for a respective crime. The laws are arranged into various segments as indicated by a few keywords. There is likewise look alternatively accessible where a client can discover or seek as indicated by his prerequisite by entering his query. There is additionally an office accessible for clients to get contact of legal counselors. An inquiry form is given where a client can ask their question and can likewise enlist case and the frame is sent to the court authority. This project contains data from all the respective courts in a zone for a respective crime.

This online system is developed on android platform and supported by a SQL database to store client particular details.

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