AN038 – Voice Assistant For Visually Impaired


This is an innovative System for visually impaired peoples and goes about as a voice assistant for them. This system is utilized to help the visually impaired to approach the most essential highlights of the cellphone upgrading the nature of the system making utilization of various custom designs and utilizing speech to text. The System has custom informing highlight with inbox and sent items, call log and dialer, notes and battery level checking and remainder. All activities performed by the client the system speaks out and causes the client to know his present position. The System helps the client to likewise read the substance of the message along with the sender and the date and time, in entire everything.

The system likewise enables the client to note few of things with its custom notepad. The System stands up the dialer number pressed and called notification moreover. The System in all is a voice assistant for whatever activity the client has performed however a custom application while taking the information from the default application. The custom application doesn’t save any information it is subject to the cell phones information.


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