AN037 – Android File Manager Application Project


Nowadays Device storage is a major issue for Smart Phone User since we get limited capacity which is either secured by multimedia or different applications which lacks of space for essential kinds of stuff. Security is likewise a concern for storing Any Important Files or reports in Mobile Phones as. The Data which are stored in Mobile Phones are not protected as it isn’t so much that difficult to hack a cell phone or a virus to destroy it or damage or theft; any circumstance the client loses the documents. Along these lines, we present Android File Manager it’s an absolutely Server-based system it implies you can store any kind of document on a cloud server. This is a propelling system which gives the office to store and recover the records with no duplication or if there is it cautions the client for additional activity. In the event of huge measure of records, the client can take the benefit of manual search or text to speech highlight to the system to sift through specific documents.

The Upload and Download the both use FTP back and fro and saves it in the cellphone interior Memory. The Files have a logo given on the off chance that there are multiple records with a similar name and the client can’t make out from the document compose.

Download: Android File Manager Application Project

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