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  • Development Abstraction Card

       Doc for development baby growth and height . Hospitals generally have at least one dispensary that supplies medicines to wards.

  • Golden Rule

Database will be maintaining the medicines. So easy to retrieve the medicines information with update, delete operation is easy. So I can choose database for maintain the information.

  • Nutrician

      Traditional drug rounds on wards involved nurses preparing baby medicines from stocks on the ward and distributing them from a trolley. ‘Dispensing for discharge’ (providing medicines for individual patients in labeled packs which they can take when they leave hospital) has changed the traditional drug round. Using this method, patients’ medicine packs are made up by pharmacy staff and either stored on the ward’s drugs trolley or in the patient’s bedside locker. Having medicines dispensed individually reduces the risk of administration errors that can occur when patients’ doses are prepared from ward stocks

  • Report

A patient’s medicines are recorded in their notes. For inpatients, a drug chart is used to record the history of medication and administration. Trusts have tended to develop their own format of drug chart and different types of charts can exist for particular specialties. These have been developed to meet different needs and involve a level of compromise.

  • Baby Height and Weight

There are many medicines available to use, but trusts generally use a preferred list of medicines, usually referred to as the ‘formulary’. This contains medicines that the trust has identified as being necessary to meet the clinical needs of its patients.

System analysis

         Existing System

In the existing system, the changes of dynamic websites had done every second. During the updating, the whole page of dynamic website will reloaded. Due to this reason the user have the following inconveniency.

  • Time Delay
  • Slow Processing
  • Network Traffic
  • Inconvenient  to identify the changes

Proposed System


  • No Time Delay
  • No Network Traffic
  • Refreshing time reduced
  • Easy to identify the updates
  • Increasing the processing speed
  • User friendly
  • More Efficient


            The proposed system is developed in most advanced, sophisticated tools and languages. This project is developed in Asp.Net using C# Language and MS-SQL Server 2000.

Download Project source and Doc