Embedded IEEE Project  Lightweight Mashup Middleware for Coal Mine Safety Monitoring and Control Automation


Recently, the frequent coal mine security mischances have caused serious casulities and huge economic losses. It is critical for the worldwide mining industry to increment operational efficiency and enhance in overall mining safety. This project proposes a lightweight mashup middleware to accomplish remote monitoring and control mechanization of underground physical sensor devices. To start with, the cluster tree in light of ZigBee Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) is conveyed in an underground coal mine, and propose an Open Service Gateway activity (OSGi)- based uniform devices access to system.

At that point, propose a uniform message space and information conveyance show, and furthermore, a lightweight administrations mashup approach is actualized. With the assistance of representation innovation, the graphical UI of various underground physical sensor devices could be made, which enables the sensors to join with different assets effectively. Additionally, four sorts of coal mine security checking and control computerization situations are shown, and the execution has likewise been estimated and broke down. It has been demonstrated that our lightweight mashup middleware can decrease the costs productively to make coal mine safety checking and control automation applications.

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