GIS006 – 4D Model Development for Planning and Scheduling of Construction Project


The present interest of development industry requires an exceptionally exact arranging, booking and the executives of the procedure of the undertaking which can empower the general improvement of the cost, time and assets. The more seasoned arrangement of use of MS  project and Primavera for booking, AutoCAD illustrations and taking a great deal of strain and clarifying the status of the project to the customer is exceptionally troublesome and tedious, attributable to the reality that the customer and the store supervisor probably won’t be familiar with the specialized terms utilized in the calendars and graphical portrayals. Rather than utilizing the more seasoned, conventional techniques of CAD illustrations and timetable sheets, one can coordinate them on a stage to make a 4D perspective of the venture utilizing GIS condition.

The point of the investigation is proposed to illustrate the comprehension of the philosophy to make the GIS based 4D demonstrate for streamlining and ongoing observing of the project. ArcScene module of ArcGIS is used, alongside Primavera P3 for this investigation. Incorporated GIS based 4D display has been produced and used for the perception of the development advancement of the task. A contextual analysis of processing plant working of CIGFIL Polymers, situated at Hosakote, Bengaluru has been chosen for the present investigation. Diverse phases of the development process and exercises are produced in various layers utilizing ArcGIS programming. Primavera P3 programming has been utilized for production of the calendars and these are connected with the GIS layers. It is found from the investigation of real building data at site and the building reproduction demonstrate that a few covering and revise can be kept away from .

BASE PAPER: 4D Model Development for Planning and Scheduling of Construction Project

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