AN013 – Android Auction System App Project


Nowadays, Android OS is extremely common in cell phones. It is the latest operating system. There are many android applications made by android developers i.e. more than 1L applications already created. Some applications like BMI number cruncher, m-indicator, and so forth and games like temple run, Dr. Driving, and so on. So we are additionally building up an application in android.

It is an Auction application. We have picked this topic as this live auction application isn’t available in the Google play market or in an IOS market. If the client needs a mobile through auction so he may need to get to the internet from his pc or computer for live sale website and after that he can do bidding in that auction. So this won’t help the client from purchasing or selling cell phones at anytime and anywhere.

So our application is available to client at anytime and anywhere through cell phones. Client will find the most best way to purchase and sell on the go in local area. Any client who needs to purchase mobile handsets, he can get it from this application.


Previously live auction application is already been created by many android developers. It is kept secret among treasure searchers, it offers access to some of the time that have been in private collections for decades. Live auctioneers brings as a international audience of millions of hearts of bidding action in art, antique jeweler and collectibles auctions across the globe.

By hosting a huge number of auctions continuously by means of internet the website enables unprecedented access to remote sales, and savvy hider’s can frequently arrive wanted things t extremely desirable costs. All bidding happens by means of the Secure Bidder Network(SBN), which keeps absentees bid for up and coming sales private until the point that the item is opened one the day sale.

Live auction application constrains the purchaser/client to purchase does not enables the purchaser to purchase electronic gadegets like mobile,phones,computers, and so on.


I-Auction application is a valuable Android application which permits purchaser to purchase the cell phone, fridges, flat screens, LCD’s, and so on.

Client can purchase or sell the electronic devices by bidding in live auction whenever and anyplace inside a similar area.

Purchaser can purchase his/her desired electronic devices at a reasonable cost.

I-Auction application additionally gives the purchaser and seller to specifically interface with each other.

With this application you can:

 Browse every upcoming auction and look for specific cell phones client needs

 View cell phones pictures and descriptions

 Leave a bid on any time in advance

 Join the bidding aggressive live progressively.

Leave a Bid or Bid live in cell phones auction anywhere on the world. You will find most handsets from auctioneers in Mumbai and all available for buy utilizing this Auction application. We can do remote access through cell phones for live auction. We can get the data about the item auction and can bid for that auction.

DOWNLOAD: Auction System

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