AN024 – Android Query Generator


Android Query Generator for Plants is essentially a Data Dictionary of Plants. Almost every data of an arrangement such species, family, colors, seasons and so forth you can find everything in this System. The Name Query Generator comes from the way that the Data are in virtual tables so the client can take points of interest of Full-Text Searches. When you use this system either you may have knowledge about plants or you may be a person who is completely unaware of plants. So to tackle this the system utilizes a Full-Text scan for the people who think about plants and an advanced search or conditional search where the client can select the family, species, colors and so on i.e. the columns of the table to get the results. The target of the project is to know all the data identified with plants and its species. The application can be valuable for clients to search plants nearby for the medicinal purpose or in any emergency situation. The system not just helps the client with the search category however many different things so as to acquire what the client id searching for into many modules to be namely; Calendar, Maps, Family and so forth.

DOWNLOAD:  Android Query Generator

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