Embedded Project on RFID based attendance system


The main goal of this project is to record the attendance of students using RFID tags.. Every student is given his/her authorized tag to swipe over the reader to record their attendance.

In classrooms, time is wasted in roll calls as it is done manually. In this proposed framework, an authorized student is given an RFID tag. This tag contains an integrated with the built circuit that is utilized for storing, processing data through modulating and demodulating of the radio frequency signal that is being transmitted.

Thus that information stored in this card is referred to as the identification/attendance of the person. Once the students place the card before the RFID card reader, it reads the information and verifies it with the information stored in the microcontroller from 8051 family. If the information matches, at that point it displays a message on the LCD confirming the section of that understudy else displays a message denying them attendance.

The status of a student’s attendance can be recovered from this framework by pressing the status button interfaced to the microcontroller. Henceforth, a lot of time is saved as all the student attendance is directly stored in a database.

The project can be further enhanced by including features like sending an SMS of the daily attendance of students to their parents. It can likewise be improved by utilizing a fingerprint module instead of RFID module that has a certain drawback of tags be misused.

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