Embedded Project on IR Obstacle Detection to Actuate Load


The project is designed to acute a load when IR rays are interrupted by any object. This is useful in industries for sensing movement of material in a conveyor belt for any action to be taken.

The project utilizes 38 KHz IR signal generated feeding an IR diode which is received by tuned IR receiver. These IR sensors are interfaced to a microcontroller of 8051. The IR transmitter continously transmits rays over the receiver and when these rays are blocked by any protest a interrupt is sent to the microcontroller.

The microcontroller according to program written performs the desired action. A lamp is utilized as load in this project for demonstration reason. This lamp is acuted by a transfer which is interfaced to the microcontroller output. So when the interrupt is sent to the controller, it turn switches ON the transfer a relay to acute the load.

This project can be enhanced by utilizing an including counting arrangement with a display. This arrangement will be useful in manufacturing industeries where keeping a total count of production is required.

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