Android Projects on Student Attendance Tracking System

Android Projects on Student Attendance Tracking System

The Student Attendance Tracking System (SATS) is utilized to:
• Collect participation data for understudies at the individual class level
• Confirm understudies’ participation for financing purposes, and
• Track global understudies’ participation.
• Attendance Tracker is an application for Android that gives you a chance to track your participation level effortlessly.
• Type in your subjects credits just once on Attendance Tracker and you’ll never need to physically figure your participation ever in your life! Simply ensure you disclose to Attendance Tracker ever time you skirt a class and the application will deal with the rest.
• Besides simply seeing bunks arranged in light of subjects or dates, you can likewise get alarms when your participation tumbles to the absolute minimum. Participation as much as you can, and ensure you make yourself qualified to win at any rate our virtual bronze identification!
Execution is the phase of the undertaking when the hypothetical outline is transformed out into a working framework. In this manner, it can be thought to be the most basic stage in accomplishing a fruitful new framework and in giving the client, a certainty that the new framework will work and be viable.
The usage organize includes watchful arranging, examination of the current framework and its requirements on execution, outlining of strategies to accomplish changeover and assessment of changeover techniques.
Participation Tracker is a Bunk Lord application which is outlined particularly for understudies to monitor their participation level and get told when participation drops down
1. Add Details:
Include your name, college name and least percent of the participation. This is a one-time process
2. Determine Starting Date
Determine Semester number and beginning date. This ought to be played out each time you tap on reset. Note that the beginning date ought to be lesser or equivalent to the present date.
3.Add your subjects
Tapping on the added catch takes you to a page where you have to determine the subject name, credits and aggregate number of classes in the semester. Once done tap on the one catch. In a comparative mold include every one of your subjects. Press was done and we are ready.
4. Enter Timetable
Including your timetable is extremely basic. You simply need to choose the subject from the dropdown list box. After it’s finished press your telephone’s menu catch which demonstrates to you a menu. Click done.
5. Dashboard
You can see all pages from the dashboard. You’ll be demonstrated the dashboard each time the application runs.
6. Include/Delete bunks
Including/Deleting bunks includes only three stages. Pick the date from the date picker and tap on indicate bunks. In the accompanying page check the classes you need to bunk and press include catch at the base. Tap on the waste catch to erase.
7. View bunks
You can either see all bunks or view by subject. View by subject shows a rundown of subjects and on clicking it takes you to the outline. View all rundowns every one of your bunks which are masterminded by date.
8. Cautions
Keeping in mind the end goal to see the general participation tap on alarms catch in a dashboard. Alarms page additionally tells you when the general percent drops down.
9. Lobby of Fame
Look at some energizing stuff at the Hall of Fame.
10. Reset
Tap on reset to begin another semester.
 System : Pentium IV 2.4 GHz.
 Hard Disk : 40 GB.
 Floppy Drive : 1.44 Mb.
 Monitor : 15 VGA Color.
 Mouse : Logitech.
 Ram : 512 Mb.
 Operating framework: Windows XP.
 Coding Language: Java 1.6
 Tool Kit: Android 2.2
 IDE: Eclipse

Download Project: Student Attendance Tracking System

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