Embedded Project on Stamp Value Calculator for Postage Needs


The goal of this project is to develop a stamp value calculator for the postal operations that is done in the post office. These postal letters are tariffed at the post offices depending upon the weight of the postal letter measured on weighting scale.

Typical weight checking instruments utilized as a part of the shops like the grocery stores are not applicable in post offices, where the weights ranges from kilograms or more, however in post workplaces the weights are considered in the request of grams and the tariff rate is imposed accordingly.

Thus, there is a need of an precise weighting scale that can measure the weights in grams and display on it. This idea can be accomplished by an electronically weighting machine. This proposed framework can satisfy the desired functionally and it is correct in its exact weight estimation and cost of the stamp required.

This framework is based after utilizing a 8051 microcontroller, which utilizes weight sensor by a spring loaded variable resistor to decide the weight of the specific letter set on it. This information is prepared through an ADC which is interfaced to the microcontroller to produce a appropertiate display on the LCD, both regarding weight and its comparing stamp value required.

This project can be enhanceded by coordinating a mini printer with this framework, which can be utilized for printing the estimation of stamp for franking machines. It can likewise be interfaced with a keypad and an EEPROM to store the price details relating to its weight.

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