Embedded Project on RF Based Home Automation System


The main target of this project is to develop a home automation system with an RF controlled remote. As technology is advancing so houses are also getting more intelligent. Present day houses are slowly moving from traditional changes to bring together control framework, including RF controlled switches.

By and by, conventional wall switches situated in various parts of the house makes it difficult for the client to go close them to operate. Considerably more it turns out to be more difficult for the elderly or physically handicapped peoples to do as such. Remote controlled home automation system provides a more simpler solution with RF technology.

So as to achieve this, a RF remote is interfaced to the microcontroller on transmitter side which sends ON/OF receivers to the collector where loads are connected. By working the predetermined remote switch on the transmitter, the loads can be turned ON/OFF remotely through wireless technology.

The microcontroller utilized here is of 8051 family. The loads are interfaced to the microcontroller utilizing optoisolators and triacs.

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