.NET Project On A Lightweight Algorithm for Message Type Extraction in System Application Logs


Message type or message cluster extraction is an important task in the investigation of system sign in computer networks. Characterizing these message types automatically facilitates the automated examination of system logs. At the point when the message types that exist in a log file are represented explicitly, they can form the reason for carrying our other automatic application log analysis tasks. In this project, we present a novel algorithm for carrying message type extraction from event log records. IPLoM, which remains for Iterative Partitioning Log Mining, works through a 4-step process. The first three stages hierarchically partition the occasion sign into groups of event log messages or event clusters. In its fourth and last stage, IPLoM produces a message type depiction or line organize for every one of the message bunches. IPLoM can discover message clusters in information irrespective of the frequency of its occurrences in the information, it scales effortlessly on account of the long message type patterns and produces message type descriptions at a level of abstraction, which is favored by a human observer. Evaluations demonstrate that IPLoM output performs similar algorithms statistically significantly.

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