ASP Project On  Employee Management System


Representatives are the foundation of any organization along these lines their administration assumes a noteworthy part of choosing the accomplishment of an association. Representatives Management Software makes it simple for the business to monitor all records. This product enables the executive to alter representatives, include new workers, exchange/advance/fire workers. Every representative in the database is related to a position can be included and altered when require emerges. Workers can be exchanged between positions effectively without having to retype back their data in the database. You can verify whether there are copy positions/workers in the database. Most of all, the business can relegate assignments to workers and evaluate their advance with a specific end goal to follow along on worker execution.

An adaptable and simple to utilize Employee Management programming answer for little and medium estimated organizations gives modules to workforce data administration subsequently association and organizations can deal with the pivotal association resource – individuals. The mix of these modules into one application guarantees the ideal stage for re-designing and adjusting Human Resource forms alongside the hierarchical objectives. This framework realizes a simple method for keeping up the subtle elements of representatives working in any association. It is easy to comprehend and can be utilized by any individual who isn’t even comfortable with basic representatives framework.

It is easy to understand and just requests that the client takes after well-ordered tasks by offering simple to take after choices. It is quick and can perform numerous activities for an organization.

The objective of this undertaking is to plan and build up a representative administration framework to fill existing holes in the electronic administration of representatives


Manual treatment of representative data represents various difficulties. This is apparent in methodology, for example, leave administration where a worker is required to fill in a frame which may take a little while or months to be endorsed. The utilization of printed material in taking care of a portion of these procedures could prompt human blunder, papers may wind up in the wrong hands and not overlooking the way this is tedious. Various current frameworks need representative self-benefit meaning workers are not ready to get to and deal with their own data specifically without going through their HR offices or their directors. Another test is that multi-national organizations will have all the representative data put away at the base camp of the organization making it hard to get to the representative data from remote spots when required at short notice.

The previously mentioned issues can be handled by planning and executing an electronic HR administration framework. This framework will keep up worker data in a database by completely protection and expert access. The venture is gone for setting up worker data framework about the status of the representative, the instructive foundation and the work involvement keeping in mind the end goal to help screen the execution and accomplishments of the representative through a secret key ensured framework.


In this universe of developing advancements, everything has been electronic. With the substantial number of work openings, the Human workforce has expanded. Along these lines, there is a need for a framework which can deal with the information of such a substantial number of Employees. This undertaking rearranges the assignment of keeping up records on account of its easy to use nature. The target of this undertaking is to give a thorough approach towards the administration of representative data. This will be finished by outlining and executing an HR administration framework that will raise a noteworthy change in perspective in the way that representative data is taken care of.


 Design of an online HR administration framework to satisfy necessities, for example, venture administration, leave administration, reportage to aid execution evaluation, ESS and worker pieces of training.

 Well-planned database to store worker data.

 An easy to use front-end for the client to connect with the framework.


The extent of this undertaking will be restricted to the accompanying:

 Employee profiles:

Workers will approach their own profiles and will have the capacity to alter their points of interest.

 Electronic leave application:

Finish disposal of printed material in leave administration by empowering a worker to apply for leave and also check their leave status through the framework. This will likewise empower the HR director to acknowledge/dismiss leave application through the framework

 Project Management:

Appoint errands and undertakings to representatives, dole out a task group and monitor the advance.

 Reportage:

The HR chief will have the capacity to create opportune reports so as to screen workers furthermore, this can be utilized for execution examinations. The reports will have all the data of a representative from the instructive foundation, pieces of training went to, ventures done and in addition specialized aptitudes.

 Recruitment Process:

The administrator will include a worker and a default secret key and representative id will be created and sent to the new representative’s email. The HR director will then have the capacity to add a representative’s data to the database.


Processor: Pentium-IV 2.6GHz

Hard Memory: 40GB



Front End: ASP.Net

Back End: Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Working System: Windows XP

Language: C#

Framework: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

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