Solar Operated Pneumatic Reciprocating Pump


In show days we require increasingly control for driving instruments. In this task with drive, the pneumatic valve is worked by utilizing sun oriented cell, sun-powered cell creates the power utilizing daylight vitality.

A sun oriented cell, a type of photovoltaic cell, is a gadget that uses the photoelectric impact to create power from light, along these lines producing sun oriented power (vitality). Frequently, numerous cells are connected together to shape a sunlight based board with expanded voltage as well as the present. Sun-powered cells create coordinate current (DC), which can be utilized specifically, put away in a battery

The pneumatic barrel is associated with the responding pump, this framework comprises the pneumatic chamber, solenoid valve, clock circuit when air from the compressor is sent to the twofold acting barrel by means of the solenoid valve, this valve will influence the barrel to move too to and fro according to the flag from the clock. The clock will be customized with delay, this aggregate clock circuit will get control from sunlight based vitality

At the point when a barrel is moved backward stroke the water is sucked through channel valve and amid forwarding stroke the water is conveyed to outlet valve, this will prompt proceeds with the task


1) Low-cost machine

2) Maintenances free


1) Stability is a low contrast with pressure driven

2) Constant weight is required for working the machine

Download: solar operated the pneumatic reciprocating pump

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