An Accurate Multi-Row Panorama Generation Using Multi-Point Joint StitchingAn Accurate Multi-Row Panorama Generation Using Multi-Point Joint Stitching


Most of the existing panorama generation tools require the input pictures to be caught along one direction, and yield a narrow strip panorama. To create an extensive review field display, this project proposes a multi-row panorama generation (MRPG) technique. For a dish/tilt camera whose filtering way covers an extensive variety of flat and vertical perspectives, the picture outlines in various perspectives compare to distinctive arrange benchmarks and diverse projections. Also, the picture edge ought not exclusively be adjusted with the ceaseless casings in timetable yet additionally be lined up with different edges in spatial neighborhood even with long time intervals.

For these issues, MRPG first designs an ideal examining way to cover the large seeing field, and picks the inside casing as the reference casing to begin to join. The stiching order of multi-outline is masterminded in first-section and second-line to guarantee a little arrangement mistake. Besides, MRPG proposes a multi-point joint sewing technique to take out the creases and right the twists, which makes the present casing precisely incorporated into the all encompassing canvas from all bearings. Test results demonstrate that MRPG can create a more precise display than other cutting edge picture sewing techniques, what’s more, give a superior visual impact for a huge review field scene.

BASE PAPER: An Accurate Multi-Row Panorama Generation Using Multi-Point Joint Stitching

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