Embedded Project on Programmable Energy Meter for Electrical Load Survey


The project is designed to assess utilization of any load in units and cost in rupees according to the energy tariff and the number of hours the load will be going to use. The evaluation is almost instantaneous thus assisting the user to save hours of waiting time for the load survey.

An energy review is an assessment, overview, an examination of energy utilization with conceivable preservation in the household area or industrial environment and so on. As the unit cost of power is high nowadays it is fundamental to know whether a specific device or instrument is energy efficient or not.

This framework proposes a energy examining the framework for the instruments where the microcontroller ascertains the units that will be devoured by the loads and the rupees that will be spent on it. The input information i.e. energy tariff and a number of hours the load is probably going to be utilized is given by the client through push button switches.

The applicable data is shown on a LCD interfaced with the microcontroller. The microcontroller utilized as a part of the project is of 8051 family.

This project can be improved by using a GSM modem interfaced to the device for remote monitoring these data over GSM network by means of SMS. Indeed, even load control can likewise be accomplished over SMS.

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