Sub- and Super-Synchronous Interactions Between STATCOMs and WeakAC/DC Transmissions With Series Compensations


With the expanding coordination of intensity electronic converters into the power framework, the connections amongst converters and their adjoining transmissions bring developing wavering issues. Another sort of sub-and super-synchronous cooperations (S 2 SI) amongst STATCOMs and the powerless AC/DC framework were distinguished in China Southern Grid. As a swaying episode never detailed, the extent that the creators know, its attributes were very not the same as the past ones. Field estimations and additionally recreation contemplates have uncovered that the different variables adding to the S 2 SI incorporate the quantity of online STATCOMs, the quality of the AC framework (as far as viable short out proportion), the status of arrangement remuneration, and the stacking level of the HVDC.

The system of such swaying has been cleared up and it is caused by the S 2 SI amongst STATCOMs and feeble AC matrices, where suband super-synchronous segments are engaged with a coupled way. To completely speak to such a coupling impact, the idea of suband super-synchronous coupled impedance display (IM), or S 2 SC-IM, is proposed and created with a specific end goal to set up a solidness standard for the S 2 SI. In view of the IM-based strategy and also the time-space reenactments, the effects on S 2 SI from the different variables are quantitatively broke down. The outcomes demonstrate great consistence among hypothetical investigation, electromagnetic recreations, and field estimations. In this manner, the adequacy of the created models and the security standard has been all around confirmed.

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