Embedded Project on DTMF Based Load Control System


The project works at the idea of DTMF (dual tone multi-frequency) tone command so got from any telephone to remotely switch any electrical load, for example, horticultural pump, domestic and industrial loads and so forth. In enterprises, the loads are spread over a large area and accordingly, working these loads is an very triesome and difficult task.

In agricultural fields additionally, pumps and different loads are associated over a large area  and subsequently it is difficult for the former to work all load and likewise for house hold loads. Remembering these issues, the proposed framework has been composed which utilizes DTMF technology to control the loads remotely.

A cell phone is interfaced to a DTMF decoder in the framework from its audio output socket for receiving tone commands. The accepting mobile phone codes are changed over into computerized charges by utilizing a DTMF Decoder which will recognize the recurrence of the key and change over that recurrence to its equvilant digital code which is fed in to a microcontroller (8051 family).

According to the charges sent from the sender’s mobile, the microcontroller will send end signals through a buffer to actuate the respective loads by turning the relay ON/OFF. These transfers are activated by a hand-off driver IC interfaced to the microcontroller.

This project can be upgraded by utilizing a GSM modem, where the loads can be controlled by sending a SMS. This will eliminate the need of answering the call for the system to work.

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