Reversible Data Hiding Advances in the Past Two Decades


In the previous two decades, reversible information concealing (RDH), additionally alluded to as lossless or invertible information stowing away, has slowly turned into an extremely dynamic research region in the field of information covering up. This has been confirmed by an ever increasing number of papers on progressively far reaching subjects in the field of RDH explore that have been distributed nowadays. In this project, the different RDH calculations and looks into have been ordered into the accompanying six classes: 1) RDH into picture spatial area; 2) RDH into picture compacted space (e.g., JPEG); 3) RDH appropriate for picture semi-delicate validation; 4) RDH with picture differentiate upgrade; 5) RDH into scrambled pictures, which is required to have wide application in the cloud calculation; and 6) RDH into video and into sound. For every one of these six classifications, the historical backdrop of specialized improvements, the momentum condition of expressions of the human experience, and the conceivable future looks into are exhibited and examined. It is normal that the RDH innovation and its applications in the genuine word will keep on pushing forward.

BASE PAPER: Reversible Data Hiding Advances in the Past Two Decades

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