ASP Project On Aqcution Bit Rate


The outline of a Data Acquisition System (DAQ) is separated in two principle sub-frameworks – neutrino and veto. The neutrino sub-framework gets as information beats from the photomultiplier tubes that cover the dynamic volume for the neutrino recognition. The veto sub-system is in charge of preparing the veto data created by muons crossing plastic scintillators covering the entire identifier.

Both sub-frameworks are custom gadgets chiefly in light of VME standard. The gadgets configuration utilizes off-the-rack gadgets from overall semiconductor organizations This note centers around the description of the neutrino DAQ design and its equipment usage. Different notes will introduce the veto sub-framework and in addition the product usage for both DAQ channels


it is made out of two essential identifiers: the focal indicator and the veto framework. The previous is relied upon to be a cubic volume loaded with unadulterated water, encompassed by 8-inches Photomultiplier Tubes (PMTs). Two principle branches of the front-end hardware are considered for the focal locator. One branch conveys the simple flag from the anodes officially formed, what’s more, opened up, while the second way gives an advanced heartbeat acquired from driving edge discriminators. The two signs feed the neutrino DAQ sub-system for information obtaining, computerized handling and facilitate transmission and capacity. The neutrino DAQ should get both the simple and the trigger heartbeat from the front-end hardware. The veto framework comprises of plastic scintillators cushions encompassing the focal identifier on the base also, on the best tops of the volume. Signs from the scintillators are driven through optic filaments to 64-pixel photomultiplier units. The anode signals from these PMTs should encourage quick pre-speakers taken after by driving edge discriminators.

The segregated heartbeats are legitimately joined by the veto hardware to make an occasion dispose of the manner since a muon can possibly copy a neutrino occasion. These muons include a characteristic foundation hard to maintain a strategic distance from, or even decrease, with any sort of protecting, because of the high vitality of the particles. In outline, the Data Acquisition System for the Angra Neutrino locator is in charge of all the preparing stages from the yield of the front-end gadgets to changeless information stockpiling of checking furthermore, material science occasions.


Processor: Pentium-IV 2.6GHz

Hard Memory: 40GB

Smash: 1GB


Front End: ASP.Net

Back End: Microsoft SQL Server 2000

Working System: Windows XP

Dialect: C#

Framework: Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

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