CC16-Efficient Traceable Authorization Search System for Secure Cloud Storage


Secure search over encrypted remote information is crucial in cloud computing to guarantee the data privacy and usability. To prevent unauthorized data utilization, fine-grained access to control is essential in the multi-client system. However, the authorized client may initially leak the secret key for financial benefit. Consequently, tracing and revoking the malicious client who abuses secret key should be solved imminently. In this project, we propose an escrow free traceable trait based on the various passwords subset search system with verifiable outsourced decoding (EF-TAMKS-VOD).

The key escrow free mechanism could effectively prevent the key generation center (KGC) from unscrupulously searching and decrypting all encrypted documents of clients. Additionally, the decoding procedure just requires ultra lightweight calculation, which is an attractive component for energy limited devices. Also, the decryption process only requires ultra lightweight computation, which is a desirable feature for energy-limited devices. Besides, the proposed system can support a flexible number of properties instead of a polynomial bounded.

Flexible different query keyword subset search pattern is realized, and the difference in the inquiry catchphrases arrange does not affect search result. Security investigation indicates that EF-TAMKS-VOD is provably secure. Effectiveness analysis and experimental results about demonstrate that EF-TAMKS-VOD enhances the efficiency and greatly decreases the calculation overhead of clients’ terminals.

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