Efficient and Robust Audio Watermarking for Content Authentication and Copyright Protection


Computerized sound watermarking expects to insert advanced data as sight and sound documents, for example, content, picture or sound into a unique sound flag. The principle necessity of sound watermarking is to demonstrate proprietorship and additionally copyright insurance. This paper presents proficient sound watermarking in view of Wavelet change. The L level Haar Wavelet change is performed on the sound flag and the got detail coefficients are partitioned into short casings and the greatness of the examples are then supplanted with the nearest Fibonacci numbers.

The security of the watermarking strategy is additionally improved by adjusting cryptographic techniques on the inserted mystery content. The recommended method numerically demonstrates that the normal mistake for each example is 25%. The devotion of the method is likewise demonstrated scientifically. The test results propose that the strategy is having high limit (1kbps to 3 kbps), strength against different flag preparing assaults and no noteworthy perceptual mutilation (ODG is around – 1).

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