Android Book Store Project


Book shopping App enables clients to check for different Books Instruments and can buy them. The project comprises of a rundown of Books displayed in different models and designs. The client may browse through these items according to classifications. In the event that the client likes an item, he may add it to his shopping cart. The User can see the things in view of their names and Price in increasing or decreasing request.

This App has an Innovative Floating Cart that is available on each page, which flies up demonstrating the Items that are as of now in the truck with least points of interest. The User should first enroll in the system and after that is qualified to look at the items. The User has 3 sorts of installment strategy in particular; Debit, Credit card or Cash on Delivery. The Front End of the App is finished utilizing Android Studio and SQL fills in as a backend to store books records and stock information. The items are included by the Admin, The Admin Part utilizes Asp.Net with C#. Subsequently, the online books shopping venture brings a whole Books Store on the web and makes it simple for both purchaser and seller to make deals on Books. The User can check his request history or the status of the present request in my requests section. The administrator is in charge of changing the status of the requests.

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