We have done the undertaking under the title of “Programmed RAINWATER WIPER MECHANISM THROUGH SOLAR POWER”. The principal subject of our undertaking is accustomed to wiping the water amid blustery season from the vehicle electrical circuit. The power supply is acquired by sustainable power source s These are unique kind of wipers that turn ON consequently when it starts to rain and kill when the rain stops.

The conduction sensor is utilized to detect the water. Sensor flag is given to the microcontroller and the miniaturized scale controller yield is given to the wiper Motor by means of transfer driver. The circuit is comprising of two areas, one for the Rain Detector and another for the Microcontroller control. The circuit appears in the figure is intended to work wipers fitted in vehicles. These are uncommon sorts of wipers that on consequently when it starts to rain and kill when the rain stops.

Here D.C engine is utilized to work the wiper, this rotating movement of the engine is changed over into responding movement by wrench component. The circuit depends on the flexible multipurpose Microcontroller Circuit. This is sent for one 5 Volt flag and this flag work for the Wiper Motor Via Relay Driver.

Sunlight based cells deliver coordinate current (DC), which can be utilized specifically, put away in a battery and this yield DC voltage is connected to the engine. Along these lines, the Wiper instrument is worked.


1) The power supply is acquired much of the time in light of sun oriented board.

2) Free cost of vitality

3) Pollution free


1) The solar board isn’t viable in dampness conditions.

2) D.C Battery upkeep is entangled work.

Download: rainwater

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