Embedded Project on RFID Based Passport Details


The fundamental goal of this project is to get to the passport details of passport holder through RFID technology. For this reason, the authorized person is given a RFID card. This card contains an integrated circuit that is utilized for storing, processing information through modulating and demodulating the radio frequency signal that is being transmitted. Along these lines, the information stored in this card is referred to as the passport details of interest of the person.

Passport verification and checking is an exceptionally time-consuming process. This proposed framework simplifies the procedure by giving the authorized person an RFID tag containing all the passport details like name, passport number and nationality and so forth. Once, the person places the card before the RFID card reader, it peruses the information and confirms it with that information introduced in the framework and in the event that it coordinates then it displays the details of the passport holder.

Here we utilize microcontroller from 8051 family. For display, a 16X2 LCD is utilized. The status likewise can be recovered from this system by pressing the status button interfaced to a microcontroller.

This project can be upgraded by utilizing fingerprinter module. This overcomes the drawbacks of RFID and gives high levels of security in the system.

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