AN053 – Android Smart Ticketing Using RFID


This is a progressed Ticketing System making it simpler for the suburbanite to movement in the transport and the driver to keep correct records of the travelers. This System is a web and Android Based System where the Android should applications one for the traveler and one for the transport which is associated with the RFID Reader while the web part is Purely Admin to set the charges and transport beat and to keep and screen the present updates of a specific transport and travelers on it. This System has the capability of letting the administrator know where the transport is precisely and what number of travelers are going on the transport with their points of interest. This System makes it exceptionally less demanding for security purposes as every one of the subtle elements are submitted to the administrator. On the Passenger’s perspective this system makes is less demanding for them to movement as they require not utilize money for tickets and the passage is consequently deducted from their record as the system ascertains the begin and the end point. In situations where the travelers wallet i.e. his record has inadequate resources the system will alarm the driver with a Beep or Buzz Alert when the RFID is checked.

The Passenger should physically gather the RFID card from the Bus Department and the secret word for the application will be messaged to them.

The Account can be revived utilizing Debit or Creditcard or it very well may be done at Bus Departments.

DOWNLOAD: Android Smart Ticketing System using RFID

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