Modified High-Efficiency LLC Converters With Two Split Resonant Branches for Wide Input-Voltage Range Applications


This project proposes a novel changed LLC converter with two split resounding branches for wide input range applications. It can work in low-gain (LG) mode or medium-gain (MG) mode. The voltage gain of MG mode is 1.5 times that of LG mode, while they have same scope of voltage gain M tank_range , i.e., the proportion of most extreme voltage gain to least one. In this way, the information voltage can be controlled in a wide range by working the converter in various modes.

To accomplish the change between modes, the required M tank_range of the proposed converter is as low as 1.5, bringing about lower charging present and higher effectiveness inside the whole activity extend. Smooth change can be accomplished by altering the obligation cycles of switches bit by bit. The proposed LLC converter with essential double scaffold is broke down in detail for instance. To check the hypothetical investigation and execution of proposed arrangement, a 1-kW 400-V yield model with input voltage going from 80 to 200 V is assembled, tried, and contrasted and two existing full-connect LLC converters. Examination and exploratory outcomes show that littler volume of transformers, diminished correcting diodes, and higher by and large proficiency are accomplished with the proposed converter.

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