Solar Fuel Level Monitoring In Diesel power plant for IC Engines


Presently a day, Machines are generally controlled by Microcontroller framework. To address the issue of detonating populace monetary and powerful control of machines is fundamental. The primary topic of our venture is accustomed to “Observing the Fuel Level in IC Engine Tank in Industrial”. By utilizing the pump task the fuel is filled.

As indicated by the information given to the microcontroller, An AC/DC engine is utilized for pumping the fuel when fuel level turns out to be low in the tank when fuel achieves most extreme level consequently pump will turn off. Numerous twofold contact transfers are utilized to drive the DC engines to such an extent that the yield of the microcontroller is given to the transfers. The primary favorable position of our undertaking is to screen the fuel level checking and in addition filling framework, and maintain a strategic distance from fuel wastage


1) This framework decides the precise position than the mechanical strategy.

2) This framework decreases the weight of the upkeep.

3) This framework takes out the manual work.

4) Highly precise and more effective.

5) Compact and speedy reaction.

6) The microcontroller has on-chip assets to accomplish a larger amount of combination and unwavering quality at a lower cost.

Download: solar power tank level controlling system

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